Our Main Features

Implementing engineering software is challenging. The software is often complex and customizable. Out-of-the-box documentation is either too dense to understand or nonexistent. I.T. personnel often do not have enough time to ensure your users get full utilization from the software. And, don’t forget about administrator training, end user training, and workflow documentation!

This is where ECAD can help.  We have years of experience in helping our customers get the most out of their engineering software.  Our service teams use a proven project management approach to software implementation. 



Our experts meet with your team(s) to understand your current processes and what your goals are.



We create and communicate an implementation plan and timeline to your key stakeholders.



Working closely with your key personnel, we implement the plan. Upon request, we can provide daily or weekly progress reports for longer-term implementation projects.



Installing the software is NOT the end of an implementation! Employees need training so that they can use the software effectively. For most implementations, we create separate training sessions for different types of users (i.e. administrators vs. users)



Don’t rely on verbally communicated tribal knowledge for workflow processes! We will help document your workflow procedures based on the results of the implementation project.


Post-Implementation Support

We know that plans always need to change after being exposed to the real world. That’s why we continue to support the project, even after implementation has ended.

Why Choose Us

We, at ECAD, take great pride in the experience and knowledge of all of our technical professionals and their ability to provide our customers with the very best technical support. In addition to continuing certifications and training they are constantly searching knowledge base articles, CAD forums, and other sources to help customers solve errors that may occur.

Frontline is an elite group of first responders who work together to provide technical support for all our customers, no matter their location. ECAD’s technical offerings have greatly grown to include custom services and consulting. But there is still a need for help when programs fail. Frontline has one goal and that is to continue to deliver the excellent support we’ve served our customers with for over 30 years.  

Specialized team. Better support.  

Our Client’s Words

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Ryan W.

Working with ECAD has been a real pleasure. These guys are fantastic, down to earth, very knowledgeable and always willing to help! I would recommend ECAD to anyone looking for that complete turn key engineering solution.


I have been involved with ECAD for 7 years now and they have always been able to help and answer questions, and if there wasn't a question they could answer directly they were able to get an answer in a short amount of time. Their on-site service has always been great, installs, upgrades, etc. ECAD is recommended.

Jesus V.

Always a great experience when working with ECAD. Have done business for many years now and their customer service is A+

Christopher V.

The guys at ECAD are knowledgeable, helpful and flexible, I'd recommend their services to anyone needing general CAD support and training. In addition to training seminars that they've offered, they have helped through direct messaging if when discipline specific issues occurred.

George H.

Sometimes you can find a company through the internet that actually cares for your needs like a you would expect from a local mom and pop type shop. The folks at ECAD have been servicing my business for three years now, all from a search on the internet. I will continue to do business with them as I grow. Thanks guys for your pursuit of excellence!

Kenny M.

ECAD definitely stays on top of any request I have ever made. Thanks for the professional and enjoyable help through the years!